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‘French flag’ tiny prefab house costs $1,200, can be built in 3 hours

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The unmistakable red, white, blue stripes of this experimental prefab tiny house not only give it its name, "France," but also hints at its organizational strategy. Conceived by architect Joshua Woodsman of Pin-Up Houses, the micro dwelling indeed has a color-coded layout: blue for sleeping (Woodsman claims the color is optimal for a good night’s sleep), white for the multifunctional living area, and red for the wood-burning stove and kitchenette.

The interior is more sophisticated than the shed-like exterior lets on. There is, for example, a built-in partition that also offers shelving, as well as reconfigurable seating modules. A bathroom, it seems, has yet to be developed.

Built for $1,200, "France" took three people three hours to assemble. In the photos below, you can see the 21 insulated panels that went into the structure.