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Sustainable prefab cabins provide respite in Norwegian mountains

They’re adorable, to boot

Estonia-based Koko Architects has created a cluster of sustainable mountain lodges along the Lysefjord hiking trail and positioned right by the rocky shores of the Soddatjørn Mountain Lake in Norway. Commissioned by the Stavanger Tourism Association, the "self-catering" dwellings are among 35 lodges in the area and are primarily used by members of Norway’s various trekking associations.

Skåpet, as it’s called, comprises several pre-fabricated lodges clad in rolled zinc and are constructed using locally-sourced wood. The main building sleeps up to 35 visitors and features a communal kitchen and living area, while each of the smaller sleeping cabins accommodate up to five. The grounds also include a bathroom with a storage room, and a sauna with an outdoor shower located right above a stream. There is no main electricity supply, so buildings are heated by wood, with solar panels providing power for lighting. A wall of glass in each lodge also provides natural illumination, as well as unencumbered views of the stunning vistas surrounding the site.

This group of dwellings as well as the others in the network are all operated based on a cooperative honor system. Visitors are responsible for replenishing firewood and the food supply, and for cleaning up the space before they leave. Accommodation monies or an invoice are left in a box inside. How very Scandinavian.