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German startup successfully crowdfunds radical solar-powered car

The company raised $200,000 to prototype a car powered by embedded solar panels embedded, and with an air filter made of moss

Sono Motors, a new German car company, has just raised the necessary cash—over $200,000—to build prototypes of its debut solar-powered car, Sion. The automobile will be self-charging, generating power through photovoltaic panels integrated into the roof and sides of the car. The vehicle can also be charged by just plugging it into a power outlet.

The car’s air filtration system is also a bit radical, designed to prominently feature a strain of Icelandic moss which apparently has air-cleaning capabilities. Current renderings show the moss integrated into an enclosed channel in the dashboard for a visual touch of greenery. The moss basically takes care of itself, pulling water from the air.

Sono anticipates rolling out the Sion to the general public in 2018, with an $13,000 "Urban" model designed to travel 75 miles on a charge, and an $18,000 "Extender" model that an travel 115 miles on a single charge.