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Cool modern house comes with built-in rock climbing wall

And a few great decks

For a long-time Jackson, Wyoming resident who wanted a cost-effective modern home, local firm Carney Logan Burke stuck to simple forms and simple materials, with some quirks thrown in. Clad in low-cost and durable black corrugated metal, the resulting two-story box-like house fits 2,300 square feet in a rather compact footprint.

The lower level fits in two bedrooms and utility rooms, while the upper level holds the master suite and open-plan living, kitchen, and dining area. The second floor also features two generous decks, one accessed from the bedroom and one from the living room. Held up by thin metal columns, these outdoor areas look out to a ski resort nearby.

While the exterior is primarily dark, the interior has some surprising accents, including a full orange wall by the dining area and a lime-green subway tile backsplash in the kitchen. Throughout the home, economical choices like concrete floors and Ikea cabinetry take the stage. Perhaps the coolest feature though is the rock climbing wall built right into one side of the house, with hand- and footholds covering the full height of the wall. You’d be able to get up to the roof, if you dare (there are no railings up there.)