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These quirky sticky notes fold into mini 3D shapes

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Too cute

Post-it notes come in a multitude of colors, sizes, and shapes, but can they be folded into a wee envelope, or a (teeny) tiny house, or a smol shopping bag? Probably not—but these adorable sticky notes by Joan Rojeski Studio certainly can!

Designed for purveyor of Scandinavian furniture and accessories Normann Copenhagen, the set, called "Daily Collection," comprises five colorful pads of sticky notes. When a sheet is removed and folded along the edges where a new color panel begins, a miniature 3D form emerges.

A rectangular note with a triangle edge folds into an envelope, while a longer leaf with an oblong end origamis into a shopping bag with a handle and closing flap. An even longer rainbow piece accordions into a multi-colored booklet, perfect for sending a lengthy (cryptic) missive to a friend.

Better yet, pleat what looks like a pizza paddle into a paper airplane, and send it soaring.