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India Mahdavi has designed the boutique of your dreams

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The RED Valentino flagship store is located in London

With fashion month well underway, it’s as good a time as ever to highlight the intersection of interior design and, well, fashion in a brand’s retail presence. A flagship store goes a long way in enhancing a brand’s image, whether it’s one of luxury, playfulness, exclusivity, or elegance.

RED Valentino’s new flagship in London exhibits all of those characteristics. Designed by Iranian-born, Paris-based India Mahdavi, it features her signature plush, lady-finger chairs in the ever so on-trend blush hue, shiny brass metallics, bold graphic elements, and suggestive colors. In short, she’s created an environment that’s both lively and glamorous, much like the ready-to-wear brand itself.

Though there are no clothes hanging on the glistening racks or accessories perched on the Rubik’s cube-like stands yet, one can easily imagine contemporary frocks and other romantic garments holding court in this highly-Instagrammable and envy-inducing space. Take a look below and get your notepad out: You might just want to cop this interior for your own fantasy dressing room.