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Midcentury home built for atom bomb scientists asks $580K

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Could this be the original Atomic House?

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Location: Bloomington, Indiana

Price: $579,900

Could this be the real Atomic House? Built in 1955 by Lawrence Langer and Emil Konopinski, two nuclear physicists who worked on the Manhattan Project during World War II, the 2,900-square-foot three-bedroom in Bloomington, Indiana was inspired by a John Yeon-designed house in Portland, Oregon they saw in a magazine. Along with Langer’s wife Beatrice, the three of them lived together after the war because housing in the area was limited.

When new owners took over in 2004, they carefully restored the house and put in a few upgrades. Still, it’s largely original, with the expansive great room paneled in oak, the retro kitchen done in aqua and yellow, and numerous built-ins including the stereo console in the living room, file cabinets in the study, chrome laundry chutes, and a sliding dining room table that extends into the kitchen. Located at 1342 E. Southdowns Drive, it’s asking $579,900 after a price cut of $20,000.