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Brooklyn-inspired retail hub opens in Australia

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It’s the work of a local firm, Sans-Arc

In perhaps the most interesting and literal appropriation of the "Brooklyn aesthetic," this mixed-use space in Adelaide, Australia, combines a barbershop, bar, restaurant, and more inspired by the New York City borough du jour. Designed by local studio, Sans-Arc, and dubbed, aptly, "Brklyn," the project incorporates an old-meets-new streetscape not unlike Brooklyn’s, a combination of longtime establishments (like the "Jewish deli" or "Italian barbershop" mimicked in the stage-set like environs). It’s all installed under the sprawling gabled roof and exposed-steel beams of a radio station’s former broadcasting center.

Photos of the space, which will function as a kind of retail hub, are strangely devoid of people, save for the odd man here or there in the background, which give the whole enterprise an even greater uncanny quality. Uncanny, too, is the small section of the installation that was crafted to look like a New York City subway station, which, we’d argue, no one should have to suffer, not even for a chance to feel like they’re in the bit of New York with the greatest global cultural cachet.

You can take a look at a few more photos below and read more over at Designboom.