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Mini “forests” encourage visitors to take a break from city life

Like your own urban tiny home ... with plants!

Mini Living is a project by Mini (as in the car) that reimagines the possibilities of contemporary urban living spaces. Having kicked off at Salone del Mobile in Milan earlier this year by showcasing a collaborative concept apartment, Mini Living has now made its way to London, where it has partnered with London-based architect Asif Khan to create a series of installations that addresses the challenges of urban environments and proposing the concept of a "third" living space beyond the home and the office.

Three compact structures filled with plants have been placed around Shoreditch’s busy streets, creating miniature forests that provide a semi-private place of rest within a public context. Visitors are encouraged to use the Mini Living Forests to connect, create, and relax in an immersive environment—and to take plants home as a way to extend the connection between the public and the private.

The "Connect" space is a rectangular room clad in ridged, translucent walls featuring a long communal table and tropical plants on either side. This arrangement encourages visitors to collaborate or simply forge a connection with one another. The "Create space is more like a pavilion, with a roof that hovers over a smaller enclosure and plants that surround the outer walls. Inside, furniture can be moved to according to preference and need.

The third space, called "Relax," is a small, high-ceilinged enclosure on stilts and featuring hanging plants that functions to drown out the surrounding cityscape, making it a serene spot for people to climb into and escape from the noise of city life. The Mini Living Forests are on view until September 25 as part of the London Design Festival.