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Space-saving kitchen units debut from Japanese brand Sanwa

Small, dark, and handsome


From robotic transforming furniture to a storage system that hangs from the ceiling, designers are coming up with all sorts of solutions for a future of increasingly small homes. One such development for the kitchen specifically comes from Japanese brand Sanwa, which recently unveiled four compact kitchen units designed with small-space dwellers in mind.

The smallest of the bunch is the Affilato Hide unit, which hides a sink and counters behind folding steel doors, so that the kitchen almost vanishes when not in use. The next size up is the Ceragino, a freestanding unit that can operate either as an island or wall unit. The next two larger models, the Kanade and Zan, include both standing and overhead components. All four are overwhelmingly dark and smooth, which seems to suggest that monochromatism alone has some space-saving value. Get the full story here.