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Surrealist furnishings make up this kooky new home collection

High five

Barcelona-based designers LaFede and David Méndez Alonso collaborated on this surreal collection of furniture called "Hotel Oasis" inspired by spiritual signs, abstract shapes, and graphic symbols.

Each of the collection’s seven pieces—whose aesthetics call to mind a cross between the kooky world of Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared and Kubrick’s Clockwork Orange—incorporates motifs like hands, eyes, crescent moons, and stars in off-kilter ways that manage to come together in a whimsical but still functional manner.

The high-backed "Paz" chair in the shape of a hand with a moon cutout in its would-be palm and eyes for nails and the eye-shaped "Suerte"side table with a stack of alternating blocks and spheres for legs are the collection’s more straight-forward goods.

A folding room divider, called "Fantasía," also features a flat hand, this time with a clock at its center, attached to a grid attached to a triangular section that features pegs for hanging. The "Mesa Actitud" work table features wheels on one side of its legs, while the other side is propped by a stand that can double as a small clothes rack. The tabletop features piano keys on one side, a round cut out an another edge to accommodate a plant below it, as well as other inset shapes for storage.

Other pieces include the "Extasis" totem, a pole with spiral-tiered shelves in the shape of a hand, triangle, eyeball, and leaf, hand-shaped light fixtures, and a console tower. Painted mainly in basic, primary colors, these quirky pieces would enliven a room while confounding your visitors.