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Sorry, children: the standing desks are coming for you, too

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No one is safe

In retrospect, this seems like it was more or less inevitable — an associate professor at the University of Louisville is advocating for standing desks in schools, saying that making elementary school students stand in the classroom should "be the norm."

Apparently, a study conducted on the subject indicated that the standing desks would lead to children losing weight and being happier, because they don’t like being forced to sit (and definitely not because they don’t like being trapped in a classroom and forced to learn).

Although the Standing Desks For Kids concept has yet to be widely accepted and implemented, we have no doubt that it will be in short time because standing desks are a force akin to gravity or the passage of time: they cannot be stopped. In fact, we hope that children even younger than elementary school-age are pressured into constant standing in the near future. Where is the standing crib? Babies should not be lying around like that.

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