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3D printing pen can now 'print' in metal and wood

It’s called the 3Doodler Pro

3D printing technology can create everything from plastic cabins to entire offices and can even print concrete, but it’s usually reserved for the pros. Now, with the latest edition of WobbleWorks’s 3D printing pen, you can begin your own additive manufacturing adventures one stroke at a time.

The update, called 3Doodler Pro, is aimed at professionals and can handle materials beyond plastic including wood, nylon, bronze, and copper. It features dial-controlled temperature and extrusion settings for maximum control, an LCD display screen, a variable speed fan, and carbon fiber finish.

The pen can be used to fabricate any number of ideas, big or small, from scale architecture models, to, yes, 3D versions of your heretofore 2D doodles. The pen costs $250, with packs of plastics, metal, and wood starting at $9.99. Head to Dezeen for the full story.