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Do you want a virtual tour of Patrick Bateman’s American Psycho apartment?

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It’s tiny bit weird if you do, but here you go

If there is one nice thing you can say about the Patrick Bateman the titular American psycho in American Psycho, it might be that he has a very nice — if somewhat sterile — Manhattan apartment. And it is this apartment that the apartment mappers at Archilogic have chosen for their most recent virtual tour. (You may remember their significantly less creepy, but ultimately probably more depressing, tour of Don Draper’s apartment from Mad Men.)

The Bateman apartment, a small but comfortably sized one-bedroom, is decorated expensively, speaking to the character’s investment banker tastes, with Mies van der Rohe furniture and Robert Longo artwork. In a 2015 interview with Yahoo! Movies, Gideon Ponte, the set designer for the 2000 film, said that the apartment was intentionally decorated in a way that "wouldn’t make it feel too homey." He also explained the whiteness as an intentional strategy to disquiet the viewer, saying, "typically in film, you never use white; you normally drop it down a couple of tones on the walls in order for the skin tones to read well. So that’s why it was sort of jarring — it’s not easy on the eye."

Luckily for you, if you don’t like the overall aesthetic, you can redecorate yourself inside Archilogic’s virtual tour.

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