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Opulent former bank makes for majestic coworking space

On the ground floor of Montreal’s Royal Bank Tower

Although we really liked the idea of setting up a makeshift office in a fancy restaurant for the day, this shiny new coworking space in Montreal might be a slightly more fashionable choice.

Startup Crew Collective worked with architect Henri Cleinge to restore the ground floor of the opulent Royal Bank Tower, which had stood empty since 2010. Boasting 50-foot vaulted ceilings, marble inlay flooring, and original brass fixtures and lighting, the office acts not only as a coworking space, but as a cafe and the company’s headquarters as well.

The old teller window remains in place as the backdrop to a series of private, glass-walled conference rooms, while counters for writing deposit slips have been refashioned into a coffee bar. Smaller brass-clad meeting structures blend in well with the historic architecture surrounding it. Tables for individual workers provide even more surface area for productivity. All the benefits of a quiet place to work without the smells from a kitchen periodically wafting through. Head to The Spaces for more.