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Flexible micro studio transitions from office to home

There’s even a secret hiding spot for the owner’s son

Add this studio in Poland to the list of international micro apartments that do tiny urban living right. Designed by local studio Mode:lina for Maciej Kawecki, an artist, designer, and owner of Brandburg Creative Studio, the 36-square-meter (approximately 388 square feet) comprises a versatile live and work space that includes a living room, work station, small kitchen, meeting area—and best of all, a secret hiding spot for Kawecki’s young son.

Using simple construction materials like particle board, the architects fashioned a lofted bed beneath which are a computer desk and a rolling shelving unit that conceals a child’s play room. A small window separates it from the adjacent kitchen, which boasts a stove top and oven and plenty of overhead storage.

Because all of these elements occupy just one corner of the studio, the rest of the floor plan can be devoted to flexible use. As a business owner, Kawecki required a space that could host meetings and creative development workshops. But at the end of the day, the studio had to return to its original state as a cozy domestic space for father and son. See the rollaway shelving unit in action below.