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140-square-foot studio fits all your essentials

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The 13-square-meter asks, What can’t you live without?

London and Stockholm-based Studiomama has created a 13-square-meter installation of a micro apartment at the Viaduct showroom at the London Design Festival, asking the question, "What can’t you live without?" Measuring just 140 square feet, the prototype, whose scheme was built for an old structure in north London, integrates furniture and storage elements into its design in order to maximize livable space.

This includes a murphy bed, plenty of built-in storage with sliding doors to conceal clutter, in-wall lounge seating, a pull-out standing laptop station, dining table with extension leaf, kitchenette, and shower. In other words, it has everything you need—and space for all your stuff.

That’s because Studiomama principals Nina Tolstrup and Jack Mama carefully considered a person’s belongings when designing the house, so there’s room to accommodate items like a suitcase, bike helmet, essentials like extra hardware, and, of course sentimental objects. The closet can also fit precisely 20 pairs of socks, 12 trousers and skirts, and 20 t-shirts—that is, if they’re folded Marie Kondo style.

Visitors to the installation are encouraged to walk through and imagine themselves living in a similar-sized place. The "13sqm House" also hopes to spark discussion about the future of housing in London, where, as in many cities, people are being squeezed out due to lack of space and affordable housing options. Could you live here? Head to Inhabitat for more.

Slide out table for standing up work station. Photo credit: Commissioned by You

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