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Bjarke Ingels helped design floating dorms made from shipping containers

Could this be the future of student housing in cramped cities?

In addition to working on habitats for pandas, big—or, rather, BIG—personality and architect Bjarke Ingels also helped design dwellings for those other cute, wide-eyed creatures, penny-pinching college students.

When Kim Loudrup’s son was looking for a place to live while attending college, they soon realized that affordable student housing was hard to come by in Copenhagen. So Loudrup cofounded startup Urban Rigger, which builds modular floating dorms meant to occupy urban harbors made out of shipping containers.

And who better to design these innovative dorm rooms than Danish young gun Ingels? As people are increasingly being squeezed out of high-density urban populations, both Ingels and Loudrup recognized the huge need for affordable real estate, especially for college students, investment in whom is essential for the growth of any city.

What they came up with is a structure comprising nine stacked shipping containers yielding 15 studio apartments over two levels. Completed this week, each studio boasts a bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom, with access to shared living areas, like the central courtyard and rooftop terrace and lawn. All for the reasonable price of $600 a month.

The startup hopes to bring their models to other cities that have underused or undeveloped harbors, which are often centrally located to a city’s main artery. Head to Fast Co. Design for more.