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What’s the tiniest place you’ve ever lived in?

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Share your small-space-living story

Welcome to Friday Open Threads, a series wherein we'll pass the mic to readers to speak up about topics of interest, distress, horror, etc. Have something you want discussed? Let us know.


All week across the Curbed network, it’s been a celebration of small things, especially the tiny places people have called home, if only for a couple nights. There’s a dreamy treehouse, classic tiny house, converted Airstream, 400-square-foot New York City studio (for a family of three!), and everything in between.

Now, we want to hand the mic over to you, dear readers. What’s the tiniest place you’ve ever lived in? Was it a traditional space, like a micro apartment unit, or something more alternative, like a van or houseboat? Is it an experience you remember fondly, or desperately try to bury in the back of your mind...or are still living this very moment?

Shout out in the comments.