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Great Wall of China gets covered in cement, does not look great

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The “repairs” were made in 2014, but have only recently come to light

In what is surely the worst Great Wall of China-related news since the trailer for that Matt Damon movie was released, it has recently come to light that a 700-year-old section of the Wall was covered in smooth, white cement in a misguided restoration effort by Suizhong county's Cultural Relics Bureau.

The work was done in 2014, the same year Legendary East decided to cast Matt Damon in the lead role of that movie, which makes 2014 the roughest year for the Great Wall of China since 1644, when the Manchus were finally able to cross it en masse after Beijing had already fallen to Li Zicheng's rebels.

Great Wall of China Society deputy director Dong Yaohui commented that, "Although the local government was well intentioned" the work was done "very badly." He added, "It damaged the original look of the Great Wall and took away the history from the people."

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