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Compact home in Japan rises upward to maximize space

Located in Kanagawa Prefecture

This bright and spacious contemporary home in Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan is arranged into three levels, maximizing space by building up rather than out. (Sort of like this house in Taiwan.) Because the plot of land on which the house sits is only 59 square meters large (or about 635 square feet), the architects Store Muu Design Studio had to find a way to incorporate all the needs of the family while also considering the flow throughout the space.

The result is a 99-square-meter (or 1,065-square-foot) floor plan divided into alternating platforms that promote seamless transitioning from one to the next. At the top of the house (called Gap House) is a broad mezzanine playroom that can also act as an additional bedroom, with a simple wooden staircase leading down to the dining and kitchen area. From there, just a few steps below, is a living room with a small terrace outside. On the ground floor, the master bedroom, bathroom, and storage areas are arranged in a more traditional layout. Outside, there are parking spots below an overhang of the home, and a small garden. Take a look below.