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Issey Miyake's iconic tote bag gets revamp


Issey Miyake’s iconic prism tote has gotten a geometric revamp, now featuring a variety of shapes that go beyond just squares and triangles. The Bao Bao bag by the Japanese fashion designer is a go-to staple for architects, artists, and anyone, really, who appreciates simple yet impactful design.

The Chord collection takes the tessellating triangle of the original scheme (which debuted in 2000) and expands on it by introducing new shapes like arrows, circles, lightning bolts, and bars. Made of PVC, the forms are attached to mesh fabric, allowing the bag to fold and crease along the rigid panels in myriad configurations.

The bags, as well as smaller pouches, will be available in white or black as before, but will also come in new rock-music inspired prints starting in November. Though the new collection won’t be out in time for Halloween, you can still accessorize your architect costume with the original. Wear all black, then sling the Bao Bao on your shoulder, and there you have it. Easiest costume ever. (Albeit a little expensive. The original prism tote retails for $595.)