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Restored 19th-century townhouse rises in Portugal

Located in the trendy neighborhood of Cedofeita

There’s something infinitely calming about this old, restored house in Porto, Portugal. Instead of going with all-white interiors, as is the trend, the architects of the collective DEPA used ecru to paint the home’s doors and doorways, banisters, window frames and shutters, and other trim, lending this 19th-century townhouse an air of subtle classicism.

Located along the estuary of the Douro river, Porto is the second largest city in Portugal, and its historic center a designated UNESCO Heritage Site. At the trendy intersection of Rua de Miguel Bombarda and Rua do Rosário sits Casa do Rosário, a narrow three-story building re-clad in its original facade of yellow tiles. Inside, this motif is repeated on the floors of the foyer and bathrooms, while the rest of home is laid in wide-plank hardwood.

A large skylight, two winter gardens, and a terrace illuminate the minimalist, neutral-hued three-story, which has been divided into two residences and short term studios. Still, the home breathes and flows thanks to clerestory windows, arches, attic spaces and open nooks, and a slightly curving wooden staircase at the center of it all. The entire back wall is glazed, which provides access to a small yard. Though the details are understated, they combine to create a strong impression in an atmosphere that is both old and new, and distinctly Iberian. Head on over to Yatzer for more.