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Furniture made from recycled newspaper has brick-like strength, marble finish

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An upgrade from cardboard certainly

Sometimes designers make furniture out of paper and leave nothing to the imagination—just look at these lumpy lamps and stools. But such is not the case with a new furniture series from Netherlands-based designer Woojai Lee, who’s managed to transform paper into a polished, brick-like material.

Aptly named "Paperbricks," the project has so far yielded two coffee tables and a bench. These pieces were created from recycled newspaper that was, as Designboom details, first turned into pulps and then mixed with glue and shaped into "bricks." Upon closer inspection, the pieces actually reveal a marble-like finish. Recycling paper isn't difficult, but Lee’s exploration shows how the ubiquitous material can be reused in a way that avoids downgrading the quality of the fibers. A closer look, below.