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Crystalline concrete house frames Swiss forest views

A slightly different take on a concrete house

This heptagonal home and its various windowed facets preside over a gently sloping hill, framing lush views of the surrounding forest outside Basel, Switzerland. Designed by Zurich-based Daluz Gonzalez Architekten for a family of five, Casa Forest, as it’s called, is arranged in platforms and features an exterior swathed in panels of mottled dark grey ceramic and an interior of raw concrete.

The "compact crystalline structure" serves to take advantage of its wooded site, and a central double-height space comprising the kitchen, dining area on the lower level, and "floating" lounge space above connects the main spaces of the house. Intended to be spare, the minimalist residence incorporates built-in oak furniture like shelves and bookcases (some even attached to the expansive windows), as well as a long multi-purpose desk that doubles as a railing along the mezzanine.

In the bedrooms, two of which are on the first floor, and two on the second, walls are done in a polished waxed plaster in order to reflect the nature outside, which appears to enter the space via an entirely glazed section of the room. A nest-like rooftop terrace provides even more unencumbered panoramic views. This home is for those who refuse to give up sophisticated architecture at the expense of enjoying nature. Take a look below, then head to Dezeen for more.