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Tiny house offers huge views in 136 square feet

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The Vista Go is smaller than the original, but keeps all the big windows

Major tiny house builder Escape Homes has been busy: on top of unveiling the Vintage, a new model offering more traditional flair, the Wisconsin-based company also made updates to its existing lineup. The Vista, for example, a model that launched in February and caught our eye immediately with its huge windows, has recently spawned an even tinier version, the Vista Go.

Measuring just 136-square-foot (the regular Vista is 160 square feet), Vista Go has a simplified layout comprising three parts: a bed surrounded by the same large windows, a living area with a kitchenette and fold-down table, and a full shower and toilet on the other end. With this tighter setup, the Vista Go is 1,500 pounds lighter than the regular Vista at 4,500 pounds, and $8,000 cheaper at $38,600. That puts the Vista Go more in the range of a fancy new RV trailer. If you’re wondering whether you should be considering efficient tiny houses like the Vista Go or more traditional RVs, do check out our interactive flowchart on the topic here.

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