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New collection of colorful Indian rugs is entirely made by hand

Block Shop expands on its commitment to the Indian hand blocking tradition

Block Shop, a textile company founded by sisters Lily and Hopie Stockman, has launched its first rug collection. Expanding on its adherence to centuries-old Indian hand blocking tradition, Block Shop has released a series of vibrant flat weave cotton dhurries made entirely by hand: The designs are first conceived on paper and are then handwoven by a cooperative of master weavers outside of Jodhpur, Rajasthan on a two-person loom with hand-dyed cotton.

The colorful, geometric motifs are inspired by the sisters’ time in the deserts of Los Angeles, Joshua Tree, and Rajasthan, and feature patterns of cornflower blue and indigo diamonds, earth-toned triangles, bold, striped circles, and simple bars. Rugs are available in a range of sizes and start at $120 and go up to $2,000.

Block Shop began when Lily, then a graduate student studying painting in Jaipur, found her way to a print shop led by Viju Chhipa, a fifth-generation master printer. Within six months, she and her sister Hopie began a partnership with Viju and established a cooperative of printers in an effort to support the diminishing hand block printing tradition they grew to love. The company also invests 5% of their profits into community healthcare initiatives in the region.