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Lightweight tent for vehicle rooftops lets you camp anywhere

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From festivals to forests, this is camping made easy

If a souped up adventure vehicle feels a bit much, a rooftop tent may be just the thing to get you outside and enjoying new adventures. But many rooftop tents are bulky, heavy, and complicated to install and use. Enter Yakima’s new Skyrise Rooftop Tent, which will debut in early 2017.

Our friends at Outside Magazine first spied the Skyrise, proclaiming it the "most utilitarian rooftop tent" they’ve seen yet. And its true. The Skyrise looks easy to attach to your roof without the need to use any cumbersome tools and it weighs in at a lightweight 105 pounds.

We love the abundance of windows and the big skylight that allows for night star viewing. Of course, it also features a DWR coated rainfly, a 8’6" aluminum ladder, and a "super comfy" 2.5-inch waterproof foam pad that can stay in the tent even when packed. Unlike some rooftop tents that are allegedly one size fits all, the Skyrise comes in two sizes for small and larger vehicles, and the larger tent can even sleep 3.

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The Yakima SkyRise Tent in action.