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Mind-bending new Tokyo store is clad in over 5,000 aluminum panels

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Ginza Place is kind of like an optical illusion

Tokyo’s Ginza District is one of the most luxurious shopping areas in the world, home to elite fashion flagships and famous department stores. And now, a new 79,000-square-foot commercial building, Ginza Place, is adding a new flash of architectural style to the fashion-forward neighborhood.

Designed by Tokyo-based Klein Dytham Architects—the designers behind Tohoku’s domed post-earthquake community center and Tokyo’s ‘Toilet of the Year’—the facade and massing of the new 11-story structure was inspired by its iconic across-the-street-neighbor, the neo-Renaissance Wako building.

But clearly Ginza Place has some innovative touches of its own. Composed of 5,315 individual aluminum panels, the exterior resembles a sort of high-tech woven lattice that appears to elongate as it reaches the upper floors.

Klein Dytham is known for its perforated facades, and Ginza Place is further proof why. The structure’s diamond-shaped windows are intended to evoke traditional fretwork techniques with a contemporary twist.

Just opened this week, the building contains state-of-the-art showrooms for Nissan and Sony, as well as restaurants and shops.


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