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Live like a Jetson in this trippy desert home asking $3.5M

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Designed by renowned architect Bing Hu in 1998

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Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

Price: $3,488,000

This futuristic house in Scottsdale, Arizona is certainly out there, calling to mind, perhaps, the Googie-inspired world of The Jetsons, or the slick, slimy interiors of the Alien movie franchise. Designed by famous local architect Bing Hu in 1998, the six-bedroom, 10,000-square-foot (launch) pad incorporates an unrestrained combination of textures, materials, and color in a way that manages to create a cohesive, if eccentric, look. In short, it’s an exuberant home.

From the cinder-block-like exterior trimmed in weathered steel, to gleaming black floor tiles, corrugated metal ceiling panels, dark wooden built-ins, all the way to the mottle-painted walls, each surface is endowed with a little extra. Even the stainless steel kitchen appliances wanted in on the action—their patinas are scribbled and scratched. Still, artwork and bold furniture are able to stand out, despite the cacophony of visuals defining the house.

But it becomes clear that the property is merely trying to keep up with the incredible mountain and desert landscape surrounding it. In fact, the entire dining and kitchen area open up to establish a seamless indoor-outdoor connection with a vast fireplaced veranda, while floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room and large windows throughout the residence frame natural vistas. Located 11452 E. Salero Drive, it’s asking $3,488,000. What do you think? Is the house (and its cost) too much or not enough.