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New line of sleek lamps ideal for all-black interiors

Very industrial sexy-cool

Vipp, Danish purveyor of sleek homeware and chic prefab shelters, has just released a line of five LED lamps characterized by the company’s signature aesthetic of industrial sexy-cool. Made from black powder coated aluminum, the series includes a wall lamp, wall spot (also available in white), desk lamp, pendant light, and floor lamp.

Each lamp features a matte glass diffuser and a shade perforated with tiny dots that allow light to emit from all sides, giving off a nice, calming glow. Its simple shape and monochromatic scheme (except for hardware details, which are done in stainless steel) make it easy to place a light anywhere in a minimalist home without drawing too much attention to itself.

The wall, desk, and floor lamps share the same, smooth-edged, cupped shade, while the pendant light boasts a larger, broader shade. It hangs by two slim wires and a thicker snaking cord that adds a little levity to the black fixture. Crafted with sustainability in mind, the lamps are fitted with a replaceable LED bulb. Products range from $325 for wall spots and up to $600 for floor lamps and are available to purchase in-store or online.