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Cozy tiny cabin for book lovers features tons of built-in shelves

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A minimalist gem

In Upstate New York, Studio Padron has injected an irresistible dose of cozy Scandi "hygge" into tiny house living with this compact cabin in the woods. Clad in black timber, the tiny abode named Hemmelig Rom (or "Secret Room" in Norwegian) serves as the remote library and guesthouse for the main property on site.

Though it may be small, the cabin wasn’t exactly a quick-and-easy job. Built entirely from oak trees that were felled during the construction of main residence, the house features walls of rectangular logs, which had to be left to dry for several years before it could be used for this project. The logs were then stacked to form gaps, a.k.a. built-in bookshelves, all over the interior, which also includes large windows for light and woodland views, as well as a wood-burning stove. Take a closer look.

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