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New Mexico house camouflages into limestone surroundings, asks $565K

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The house is yours for under $600,000... if you can find it

If being difficult to locate is among the factors that you take into consideration while shopping for a new home, then you could certainly do worse than this one-bedroom house outside of Lamy, New Mexico, which was designed to blend seamlessly into the limestone rock formation on which it rests.

From the rear, the house is barely distinguishable at a distance, with the only things giving it away being a few windows. From the inside, however, it is very distinguishable as a house, featuring such normal house things as a kitchen, living room, fireplaces, and floors. Neither is it as cave-like as some of the exterior photos might have you believe, with plenty of natural light streaming into the wide open, high ceilinged living areas.

The house, which, according to Estately, was constructed in 1987, was put on the market three days ago, with a fairly modest asking price of $565,000.

13 Lime Kiln Road, Lamy, NM, 87540 [Estately]