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New wallpaper lets you have the marble-clad home you always wanted

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Live your best marbled life

Marble is classic, gorgeous, luxe—and expensive, which is why it’s usually reserved for the rich, or used sparingly in smaller parts of the home like the bathroom, on kitchen counters, or as a statement furniture piece.

But thanks to advanced imaging and printing technology, that veiny, crystalline rock can now be used to cover just about any surface, like notebooks (for setting your best ideas in stone, naturally), or a wide swath of wall.

United Kingdom-based Murals Wallpapers has released a new collection of high-definition marble-printed wallpaper that can help your home achieve that Taj Mahal look without breaking the bank (or any stone, for that matter). The murals come in a variety of patterns and are customized to fit any wall size and start at $34 per square meter (approximately 10.8 square feet).

You can spruce up a room with simple marble tile panels, or elevate another with a brooding black or a deep red marble mural, or soften one with a soft pastel pink or a blush pink fade wallpaper. Line a space with bronze cracked or cracked coral marble and transport yourself to the Renaissance. But if you tire of all that stone, you can simple tear it down—literally.