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Apple’s massive new mothership takes shape in latest drone video

Almost ready for take off?

Another big Apple event returns tomorrow in San Francisco, where the company is expected to announce a new iPhone, updated Apple Watches, and more. While we haven’t exactly been keeping track of the latest product rumors—leave that to our friends at The Verge and Recode—we have been following the status of Apple’s already iconic new headquarters, the massive glassy spaceship Norman Foster designed in close collaboration with the late Steve Jobs himself.

First broke ground at the end of 2013 in Cupertino, California, Apple Campus 2 was originally slated for completion in 2015 before falling off schedule, as major starchitect projects are wont to do. The new building is now expected to open in 2017, as teased in the most recent Apple keynote in March. The clock sure is ticking, but at least we know progress is being made, thanks to drone videos that have been meticulously documenting the whole construction process.

The latest one, published four days ago, shows that the mothership is certainly taking shape, with all floors erected, exterior glass installation nearing completion, and solar panels beginning to cover the roof. There are many dirt piles to be cleared, greenery to be brought in, bike parking facilities to be completed, and so on, but for now, the sheer scale of this thing is becoming more real everyday.

Have a look.