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This sleek, customizable truck camper reinvents a classic

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Lightweight builds ready for any adventure

The inside of a BAHN camper.
Courtesy of BAHN Camper Works

Truck campers aren’t usually the prettiest adventure vehicles. Bulky, heavy, and often built with a reliance on cheap wood paneling, the camper shell has long been the forgotten stepchild of mobile living. But BAHN Camper Works out of Hood River, Oregon, wants to change all that. As Outside Magazine first noted, the Bahn camper is a lightweight and sleek version of the outdated camper we’ve all loved to hate.

With a fiberglass shell that clocks in at half the weight of most camper shells, the Bahn is fully customizable and comes with an array of modern, stylish options. Custom options include gear storage, graphic wraps, and floor storage components to house everything you need to get outside. And if you don’t know quite what you want, there are also designs like the tricked-out Universal, a 1,400-pound build with a queen-size bed and radiant heating. Priced at $56,950, the camper also boasts on-demand hot water, a galley with glass top sink and stove, a combined fridge/freezer, and an outdoor shower. Other crowd-pleasing upgrades include a king size bed, composting toilet, and solar charging system.

While not as burly as some of the larger adventure vans, the Bahn offers a sleek, customizable camper that’s lightyears ahead of many we’ve seen. Head over here for more info.