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Philip Johnson's Glass House gets 'Infinity Room' treatment

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The modernist icon, remixed by Yayoi Kusama

Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, whose disorienting but oh-so-Instagrammable "Infinity Room" installations have drawn massive crowds around the world, has brought her singular vision to Philip Johnson's iconic Glass House, covering the modernist landmark with more than 1,200 vinyl dot adhesives. While the recent transformation wouldn't be Kusama's first intervention on the architectural pilgrimage site—in May, she released more than 1,300 metallic spheres onto a pond behind the Glass House—this intervention blankets the modernist gem itself.

Transformed on all four facades by polka dots, which come in three different sizes, the Glass House becomes a reimagined realm for experiencing light, shadow, and the changing natural surroundings. The installation statement elaborates:

The "Pepsi Red" polka dots will at first brightly contrast the lush late summer green landscape of the Glass House, then complement the emerging autumn colors of New England. The interior application of the circles will maintain the reflective surface of the glass. When photographed from the exterior, the polka dots will seem to dematerialize. When experienced from the interior, the shadows cast from polka dots will repeat the pattern onto the floors and furniture.

This special installation, part of the Yayoi Kusama: Narcissus Garden landscape installation on show until November 30, will run until September 26.