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Walk through a rainbow at Liz West's new immersive light installation

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Taste the rainbow

Manchester-based color-and-light artist Liz West is back at it again with her rainbow magic in a new installation called "Our Color" currently on exhibit as part of the Bristol Biennial.

In the past, West has transformed spaces as varied as an old church by covering the floor with multi-colored mirrored discs or illuminating a mirrored room with 250 fluorescent lights. This time, she’s taken an expansive (but otherwise drab) office space and drenched it in the colors of the rainbow using theater gels that refract light to create a gradient of hues spanning the entire spectrum from red to violet.

Every surface including columns, the ceiling, and window coverings is awash with the glow of the rainbow, giving visitors an immersive, full-body experience through which to explore the effects of color not only on their psyches, but their physical and emotional aspects as well. Visitors are encouraged to walk, dance, and run through—or simply sit within—the "light sculpture" and spend time reflecting on how a particular color makes them feel. Bristol Biennial runs through September 10.