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Abandoned coastal house revamped into high-tech modern home

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An indoor-outdoor dream

Over in Alella, Spain, a picturesque coastal Spanish village just outside of Barcelona, local firm 08023 recently completed a striking modern home from the bones of an abandoned house on site. Spreading over 5,000 square feet, the reimagined residence shows off dramatic indoor-outdoor spaces, starting from the expansive covered porch connecting the open interiors to the pool. Upstairs, what was once the roof now forms a terrace for each bedroom.

The clean lines and stark whiteness aside, a lot of the "modernity" here isn’t readily perceivable in the photos. Indeed, the house comes with home automation via smart devices, including the ability to change the LED lighting color of the porch and pool based on mood. There are also sustainability-minded features like highly energy-efficient insulation and a rainwater harvesting system that can irrigate the garden.

Below, check out more photos, including a shot of the original building.