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People apparently want this smartphone case that sticks to stuff

“Why aren’t iPhones sticky?” is a thing that we guess some people are asking

Today in Apparently People Want This: a smartphone case that sticks to things, like a window or a refrigerator or a mirror. Do people want this? Apparently!

The MEGAVERSE promises to make your iPhone 7/6 or 7/6 Plus to be stickier, and so far 488 people have taken them up on that offer, contributing a total of $25,157 (and counting) to its Indiegogo campaign. The campaign advertises a new "hands-free" user experience, which definitely makes sense except for the part where you still have to use your fingers, which are technically part of your hands. "Palm-free" probably didn’t have quite the same ring to it.

If asked, we could probably think up some ways to improve the iPhone. What if, for example, they didn’t shatter if you looked at them wrong? Or what if they didn’t become obsolete within seconds of you purchasing them? "What if they were sticky?" was never particularly high on our list, but what do we know? The people want sticky iPhones. You gotta give the people what they want.

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