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Striking 'Cube House' creates a cozy family home in a pine forest

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It’s located in Kiev

The crisp Cube House rises in a pine forest in Kiev, Ukraine, its shape meant to minimize its impact on the site while also providing a comfortable and flexible space for a growing family. Designed by Yakusha Design, the 2,150-square-foot modern home features double-height glazing on the facade, which illuminates the also double-height open-plan living, dining, and kitchen areas. A set of floating stairs leads to a mezzanine level.

Here, the spacious—and long—master bedroom and two children’s rooms are found. A boy’s room features two pull-out beds that emerge from a wooden platform, on which a desk runs the width of the area in front of the window. The floors provide ample space for play. In the teenage girl’s equally roomy bedroom is a lofted area for a bed and lounging set against the length of one wall, underneath which are a bookshelf, couch, and closet. A built-in desk sits in front of the window.

While most of the home’s walls are painted white, a wall in the master is sheathed in a dark grey pattern, with matching full-wall curtains completing the moody atmosphere. Wide-plank hardwood floors look especially handsome in this room and appear softer throughout the residence. Though its minimalist shape confers sleekness to the home, it also functions to adapt to the cozy, everyday activities of a family.