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This Barcelona renovation is all about the flow between rooms

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There are no doors or hallways, and wall partitions don’t even reach the ceiling

A mere glimpse at the ornate bow window with organically arched panes and framed by two pristine Ionic columns and anchored by a patterned tiled floor is enough to set a heart aflutter. But move through the rest of this seemingly infinite Barcelona apartment and one grasps the design concept more fully.

Architect Raúl Sánchez of local firm RAS Arquitectura was tasked with transforming the 140-square-meter, or 1,500-square-foot, space and did so by establishing a row of rooms instead of creating a hallway. Each space is connected to the other by way of an enfilade, or a doorless corridor, while wall partitions don’t quite reach up to the ceiling. Instead, the original wooden beam and ceramic vault ceiling remain exposed and have been painted grey.

Floors are laid in a variety of materials depending on the room’s function, with that same material extending up to the lower portion of the otherwise white wall. Wood lines the floors of the living areas while graphic tiles line the kitchen and bathrooms. The entire home eventually connects to an interior courtyard, which provides a diffuse light throughout the apartment. Though stark and minimal, the renovation preserves the home’s former stateliness ever so subtly. Yatzer has the full story.