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Mansion from TV series ‘Dallas’ asks $12.95 million

Who shot J.R.? Was it one of the six bathrooms?

One of the Texas mansions that was used as the interior of the Southfork Ranch in first season of the long-running CBS soap opera Dallas has hit the market with a hefty asking price of $12.95 million.

The Calder House, as it was known at the time, is in fact located in Dallas County. However, it was (per the listing) "completely rebuilt in 2003," which means that little if any of its original Dallas character remains (notably, the original front patio pillars are still there). It’s still not difficult to imagine it being occupied by a scheming, ruthless oil tycoon and his family, though, as it was during its brief tenure on the series. (The Southfork Ranch was the home base of the Ewings, led by the show’s main character J.R. Ewing, of "Who shot J.R.?" fame.)

The current version of the mansion includes five beds, six baths, a spa, a tennis court, and an "exercise building."

4800 Park Lane, Dallas, TX , 75220 [Estately]