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Airstream Basecamp is the smaller, lighter, cuter version of the iconic silver bullet

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No more excuses

A compact silver and black-windowed trailer sits unhitched by a lake and mountain scene.
The Basecamp can be hitched to small and mid-sized SUVs alike.
Photos courtesy of Airstream

Airstream and its iconic "silver bullet" trailers conjure retro scenes of a cool, mobile lifestyle. And enterprising folks have found all sorts of creative ways to repurpose and revamp them. But as appealing and sleek-looking as they are, the hefty recreational vehicle always seemed a bit, how shall we put it, bulky—especially when it’s tricked out like this one.

Now, after nearly a decade in the making, there’s a new, slimmer version in town, and it’s ready to get hitched. Called the Airstream Basecamp, it’s the lightest trailer in the Jackson Center, Ohio-based company’s fleet, clocking in at 2,585 pounds and measuring just 16 feet long and seven feet wide. Towable by small and mid-sized SUVs and crossovers alike, the Basecamp is for those who simply want to get up and go.

The Basecamp sleeps two, features a bathroom with toilet and shower with pass-through head for use outdoors, a kitchen with cooktop, stainless steel sink, and refrigerator, a wireless Bluetooth-enabled Bose speaker system, convertible multi-use rear space, ample storage, and options for an enclosed patio or rear tent that attach directly to the roof. It also boasts a steep departure angle, which means that you can tackle uneven terrain with more confidence and gusto.

The base model begins at $34,900, which is cheaper than this also very cool customizable camper, and dealers are currently taking orders. Inventory is expected to come in beginning next month. What are you waiting for? It’s time to hit the road.