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Tour an incredible 1880s lighthouse keeper’s cottage on a cliff

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Wow oh wow

From sleek modern homes to gorgeously maintained midcentury gems to spectacular extensions that mix the old and new, Australia seems to have it all. So we shouldn’t be as astonished as we were to discover an amazing tip in our inbox about a historic Sydney landmark that will be up for auction in October.

Originally built in 1881 as the keeper’s residence for the lovely, 200-hundred-year-old Macquarie Lighthouse nearby, the fabulously maintained "cottage" perches above a rocky cliff with astonishing city and ocean views. Inside, the home is a charming blend of contemporary touches and traditional architectural details. Many things that top people’s dream-home-wish-lists all show up across the property: an all-white kitchen, beautiful fireplaces, a generous deck, to name a few. It’s a real beaut.