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This Spanish villa is an artist’s dream studio

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It’s got an interior courtyard and a rooftop pool

This charming live-work home located in the Andalusian mountains of Gaucín in southern Spain fulfills many a daydreaming bohemian’s ideal of what an artist’s studio should be. Nestled between the village’s older stone villas, this minimalist abode was designed for a couple—one half of whom is painter Joseba Sánchez Zabaleta—by local firm DTR Studio Architects.

The two-story residence features a spacious, open-plan first floor, which acts as the painter’s studio. Concrete floors and a double-height ceiling make it an ideal work space, while an interior courtyard glassed on two sides provide natural light and a connection to the area’s natural landscape. A simple steel staircase leads to a mezzanine level, where the couple’s bedroom can be found.

Another set of stairs leads to the top floor, where the kitchen, dining, and living areas are situated. A broad picture window runs the length of the street-facing wall framing gorgeous mountain views, and just outside it, a terrace provides further access to the outdoors. But the real treat is located on the roof, where an infinity pool calmly awaits its next visitor.