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The Curbed Appeal podcast returns on September 15

Get psyched!

Karim Rashid visits Vox Media's New York studio.
Karim Rashid visits Vox Media's New York studio.
Photography by Alex Ulreich

Curbed’s podcast, The Curbed Appeal, returns for its second season next Thursday, September 15, with special guest designer Karim Rashid. If you missed the first season of the podcast, here is everything you need to know.

What is The Curbed Appeal?

The Appeal is a podcast for people who are interested in the places in which they live, from apartments to entire cities. If you visit this website with any frequency or are just on the prowl for some new ear candy, it is probably a podcast for you.

What happens on the podcast?

Each episode features an interview with an interesting guest, often from the worlds of design and architecture . As we mentioned, our first guest this season is Karim Rashid, and we’ll also be talking to documentary filmmaker Gary Hustwit, Call Your Girlfriend cohost Aminatou Sow, and more. Last season, guests included architect Daniel Libeskind, Pentagram partner Natasha Jen, and architect/author/professor Vishaan Chakrabarti.

You said you talk to people in the design and architecture worlds and then listed a documentary filmmaker and a podcast host. What’s going on here?

We’d argue design and architecture applies to everyone, not just design pros. For any more than that, you’ll have to listen to the episodes to find out.

Who are the people talking to the guests?

The Appeal is cohosted by Curbed editors Asad Syrkett, Zoe Rosenberg, and Jeremiah Budin.

How will I know when a new episode is airing?

Episodes air every Thursday at 11 a.m. Eastern and can be found in the podcast sections of Spotify and iTunes.

What if I forget? You said every Wednesday, right?

No, every Thursday. Maybe it would be a good idea for you to religiously check every day waiting for a new episode to go up. Better yet, just subscribe and a new episode will land wherever you listen to podcasts on Thursdays.

How long are the seasons?

Just like any one of your favorite HBO shows, one season of The Curbed Appeal is comprised of ten individual episodes. Coincidence? Yes. (Or is it?)