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Moby on Zaha Hadid hotel: ‘sleeping in a dumpster would have been more comfortable’

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Moby did not enjoy the Hotel Puerta America in Madrid

Multi-platinum selling electronica musician Moby just did an interview with CLAD to promote a new Los Angeles restaurant that he helped design, and in it he had some harsh words for architects and designers who, in his words, "think about how is the space going to look when it's on an architecture website, rather than how it’s going to feel for the people who either live there, work there or patronize it."

Moby then went on to specifically call out Zaha Hadid, saying that he had stayed in a hotel she designed in Madrid (presumably, the Hotel Puerta America) and that the experience had been "really upsetting."

"I had a couple of nights in Madrid staying in a hotel room that Zaha Hadid Architects had designed," Moby told CLAD. "It looked amazing, but was the least comfortable space I’ve ever inhabited. There was nothing soft in there. Everything was moulded plastic, which photographed nicely but wasn’t designed for humans."

He added, "Literally sleeping in a dumpster would have been more comfortable."

Zaha Hadid, who won the Pritzker Prize in 2004 and the RIBA Gold Medal in 2015 (she was the first woman to win either award), died in March of this year, and hence cannot defend herself. So we’ll let Eminem handle this one.

Moby on design: 'Comfort is not always photogenic' [CLADnews]