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9 designers show off their kooky cabinets of curiosities

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On exhibit at New York’s Chamber gallery

To celebrate its two-year anniversary, Chamber, a design gallery located right under the Highline in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood, has mounted an exhibition featuring cabinets by nine designers, each accompanied by a curio also created by the designer.

Titled, appropriately, “Of Cabinets and Curiosities,” the show, which was curated by Chamber founder Juan Garcia Mosqueda, includes works by Seoul-based designer Kwangho Lee, Italian architect Gaetano Pesce, Amsterdam and Antwerp-based Studio Job, and New York duo Fort Standard. The concept behind the show nods to Chamber’s goal to be “a contemporary reliquary for unique objects,” as the press notes explain, and, ultimately a “modern day cabinet of curiosities.”

New York-based design studio Chen Chen and Kai Williams presents “Rhino Tower Shelf,” a simple plywood and powder-coated unit with black shelves twisting up a central pole, with their lava-like “Swell Vases” made of glass, rubber, and foam set on each platform.

Fort Standard’s contribution is the “Relief Stone Cabinet,” which is made from soapstone (first exhibited at Collective Design Fair) and contains a collection of stones mounted on wooden pegs.

On exhibit from Kwangho Lee is a series of walnut and acrylic modular bookshelves called “The Moment of Eclipse” presented alongside a few of his son’s personal belongings.

Other pieces include new work from local firm MOS Architects, who designed Chamber’s interior, and the “Mobile Verde” cabinet from Italian architect Gaetano Pesce.

Works from Chamber’s past exhibitions will also be on display, including Dutch designer Dirk Vander Kooij’s “Diffuser Cabinet,” Studio Job and Lensvelt’s “Job Office Dressoir,” Nendo and Glas Italia’s “Deap-Sea Bookcase,” and Snickeriet and Karl-Johan Hjerling’s “Walnut Frank” display case plus a selection of safety deposit boxes.

“Of Cabinets and Curiosities” runs through October 15. Take a look and be surprised by what you may find.