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This cool wooden tunnel is scaffolding you won’t mind walking through

Sunshine! Plants! Seating!

wooden scaffolding with benches and plants All photos via Designboom

In big, ever evolving cities, constant construction scaffolding is a fact of life. And often eyesores at that. But what if they didn’t have to be dark, shabby sheds stinking up the sidewalk?

For a city-wide celebration of culture and history in Nantes, France, French studio Atelier Vecteur reimagines what scaffolding can be with a timber structure that not only protects and guides pedestrians through a construction site, but also offers a dynamic sensorial experience.

Rather than being totally opaque, the scaffold tunnel lets in streaks of sunlight through the wooden slats, creating a brighter space for incorporating benches, nooks, and greenery. The wooden frames respond to the street and change along the route. Pretty rad! Take a closer look.

Via: Designboom